CTNとはCreative Talent Network animation eXpoのことで、毎年11月にアメリカ、ロサンゼルスで3日間に渡って開催されるイベントである。




インタビューに答えているのはレジェンドと呼ばれているアニメーターのJames BaxterやILMのアニメーション・スーパーバイザーであるShawn Kelley, ショートフィルム『LaNoria』の監督で元PixarのアニメーターCarlos Baenaの他、DreamWorks Animationのアニメーターやディレクター, Head of Story, Pixarのキャラクターデザイナー、Blue Sky Studiosのストーリーボードアーティスト、Blizardのアニメーターなど総勢17名です。


-Tim Ingersoll – Animator @DreamWorks Animation
Spend your time on good poses. Shoot reference. Pose. Pose. Pose!

-Pierre Perifel – Director & Animator @DreamWorks Animation
Be patient. Trying to go to a bigger studio

-Maggie Boudreaux – Animator @Animation Mentor Alumnae
Keep trying. Don’t give up.

-Carlos Baena – Director of LaNoria
Always ask yourself why.
Don’t do an animation exercise. Entertaining people.

-Heather Larkin – Storyboard Artist @ Blue Sky Studios
Show your works to as many as possible and get their reactions.

-Celine You – Character Designer @ Pixar Animation Studios
To cherish all your life experience.

-JP Sans – Director & Animator @DreamWorks Animation
Work hard. Just keep working. Don’t take note for an answer.
Keep drawing. Keep animating. Keep asking questions. Keep asking for help.

-Coty Reinhart – Animator @WayForward

-Shawn Kelley – Animation Superbisor @ILM | Co-Founder @Animation Mentor
To be bold and not to be afraid to fail. Embrace failure.

-Atif Ebrahim – Freelance Character Animator
Use animation layer.

-Peter Starostin – Cinematics Animator @Blizzard
Show your work and get some feedback

-Floyd Norman – Legendary Animator
Love what you do. Surely love it. Work hard. Work really hard.

-Jessie Carbonaro & Kim Mackey – Director & Head of Recruiting @Skydance
Put only your favorite and best work. Less is more. Quality over quantity.
Use Linkedin.

-Dave Werner – Youtuber Okay Samurai | Adobe Senior Experience Designer

-Ryan Vicik – Animator @DreamWorks Animation
Shoot video reference. Be prepared to move. Look for unique ideas. Always work on being a good storyteller.

-Ennio Torrensan – Head of Story @DreamWorks Animation
Be clear with your ideas.

-James Baxter – Legendary Animator
To learn the craft of animation. How to communicate with an audience.
How to do clear posing. How to understand weight and balance.
How animation works as far as squash and stretch, anticipation and all this animation things.
These things apply to any type of animation whether it’s stop-motion or hand-drawn or computer.
Learn those things. Learn how to be a performer with a puppet or with a drawing or with the computer model.

If you are doing animation, concentrate on mechanics of it and where the weight is and the timing and the spacing and those things.

Be brave and cheeky.



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